Automatically list and play an entire folder full of MP3 files on your web page. Perfect tool for
showcasing your latest music singles, full albums, PodCasts, or any collection of MP3 audio files.


Installation takes about a minute.

Wimpy is not a complicated program you "install" on your website.

Installation is simply a matter of uploading the files.

Once the Wimpy files are in place on your server, then upload your audio/video and organize them within sub-folders.






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There are 5 ways to populate the Wimpy MP3 Player playlist:

Automatically** list and play the contents of a folder. Simply upload the Wimpy files to a folder on your web site that contains MP3 files. Wimpy will automatically list and play all the MP3 files in the folder.

Manually through an XML playlist.
Manually through Javascript.
Manually using the Customizer tool's "Embedded playlist" option.
Or, you can use Wimpy SQL to organize your collection, create and publish playlists and edit track data. Wimpy SQL requires PHP and MySQL.




** Automatic folder reading requires PHP, ASP on your server. Most web sites already have one of these technologies available.

NOTE: When populating the playlist manually, PHP, ASP is NOT required.




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File Types
Wimpy plays only MP3 files. For other files, look to Wimpy Rave or:

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Take advantage of the Wimpy JavaScript Kit to control the player using AJAX.


Be sure to check out the "tools" section for available programs designed to assist in deploying Wasp.


Play a podcast on your website, and let Wimpy automatically generate your podcast feed.


There are a variety of methods to populate the playlist, including; Automatic, XML playlist, and through javascript


Use a pre-built skin, or design your own. Skins can be created using "Skin Machine," or, you can use one of the numerous pre-built skin.

Wimpy MP3 Player supports linking to your shopping cart directly from the player.


Although Wimpy does NOT require a database, you can run Wimpy off your own database, or use our fully featured "Wimpy SQL" tool.







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