Editing Skins

You can create and edit skins using Wasp Publisher. The skin editing area is located in the "Style" tab.




Pre-built skins

The drop-down selector allows you to select from a variety of pre-made Wimpy Skins. Within the drop-down selector are two special options: "Load" and "Show"

This setting allows you to load a Skin by specifying its "Skin String". You can visit the skins section of this site for additional pre-made skin designs.





This setting shows you the Skin String for the currently-selected Skin. Which allows you to store the skin string in a text file on your PC for future reference.

Object editor

The objects within the gray area represent all of the possible objects that can be displayed within the Wasp toolbar. Once an object is selected, it becomes the "active" object, and all changes made to the options below the gray area will be applied to the matching object within the preview player. 

For example, in the illustration to the right, we've selected the timeline object. All the settings below the gray area will reflect the object's current attributes.








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