Inserting Overview

When using Wasp Publisher, there are two options available for rendering (inserting) the player::

Render with Javascript
When this option is selected, Wasp Publisher will output code that uses JavaScript to render the player. If this option is un-checked, the resulting code will use the standard HTML code to render the player.

Create / Use External Config File
An external configuration file is useful if you will be using only one "style / skin" and one set of options for all instances of Wasp throughout your site.

Using an external XML configuration file is especially useful if all of the media on your site uses the same options. The resulting HTML code is much smaller because only the configuration file is referenced -- not each and every option.

- When this option is checked, Wasp Publisher will generate an additional XML configuration file and output the file to the "publish" folder. The resulting HTML page(s) will reference the XML configuration file within the code that renders the player.

- If this option is un-checked, all of the configuration options will be written directly into the HTML code that renders the player.

A mixing and matching of these two options yields a variety of different results within the source code. The bottom line is that using an external configuration file minimizes the amount of code that is used to render the player. The difference between the two will not increase nor decrease the overall performance -- it is simply a matter of the webmaster's preference.









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