Pre Roll

A pre roll ad allows you to include an advertisement before the main track plays.

While a pre roll file is playing, the controls on the player will be dimmed and the user will not be able to play, pause or scrub the player.

To include a pre roll ad:

1. Launch Wasp Publisher, then click the "media" tab.



2. Next, click the checkbox for "Pre Roll". Doing so will activate the text-field and the browse button.

Click the "browse" button and locate a media file -- or type a URL into the field.





3. Click the "Publish" tab, then publish the files to a folder on your PC.

Wasp Publisher will collect all of the files (including the advertisement file to the output folder.





4. Upload the files to your web site.

Use the "code" page (example_code.html) to include the player within your site.









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