Customize Overview

We've developed Wasp Publisher to assist in the customization of Wasp. Wasp Publisher is a desktop-based application that allows you to select files and choose options without having to write any code.

Click here to learn more about Wasp Publisher.

For those who do not need all the bells and whistles, you can use the online Customizer Tool to generate the HTML code to include Wasp within a page.

Click here to use the online Customizer Tool.

For advanced webmasters who wish to work directly with the code, we still recommend using Wasp Publisher to output the HTML, XML and Javascript files, then examine the source code for each of these files to familiarize yourself with the overall structure. We've attempted to make the underlying code as simple and straight forward as possible, which will make using Wasp throughout your site relatively easy.

As you familiarize yourself with the overall Wasp system, you will find that there are many ways to implement Wasp because we understand that each webmaster has unique requirements and ideas for implementing audio and video on the web.

There are two prevailing ideas on how to use Wasp.

1. As a stationary "install" -- where the Wasp files reside in a single location on your web site.

2. As a free-floating set of files -- where a copy of the Wasp files and associated HTML files reside in the same folder as your video(s).

We designed Wasp Publisher to leverage the "free-floating" idea, which we believe is more intuitive with respect to how videos are deployed on the web.







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