Players Overview

When you first install Rave, you'll see that things look a little stark.

This screen shows all of the players that you currently have configured. "Out of the box" there is only one player configured... "player1".

The orange icons to the left and right of the "player1" line-item provide basic controls for the list. It makes more sense when there are more than one players.

But basically, you have the following options:

- Sets the player as the default player. This is a handy feature because in order to use the deafult player throughout your site, all you have to add to your pages is [rave]. Meaning that you don't have to specify a particular player.

- Deletes the player

- Allows you to modify/edit the player.







Adding / Editing a player

Clicking the icon, or the "Add Player" button will bring up the configuration panel.

There are three main sections:

Setup - Let's you configure the player name, and the playlist associated with the player.

Appearance - Control the look and feel.

Options - Control how the player behaves.

As you work on a player, you can click the "Refresh Preview" button to update the preview player, so you can see how the option affects the player.

When you're done working on a player, be sure to click the "Save Player" button to save your changes!
















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