Linking media items to an external URL or shopping cart

Rave offfers the ability to have each item within a given playlist link out to an external page from within the player.

This functionality allows for, not only general links to pages, but also linking out to a shopping cart. Hey, a link is a link, right?

If you're using an external playlist, follow the general instructions for editing the XML playlist to incorporate the <link> tag for each item.

To incorporate links using the "automatic" playlist, e.g. pulling media itesm from teh Wordpress Media Library:

1. Click the main "Media" tab on the right-hand side of the admin section.





2. Click a media file (MP3, MP4, AAC, ect) and choose "edit".







3. Enter the URL to the external link in the "Description" area.



4. Click "Update Media to apply the settings.



5. Next, go to the Rave Player section of the control panel, and select a player that uses the Automatic Playlist" option.

When you roll over an item in the playlist, you should see the "link" icon appear.

You can also set up Rave so that the Cover Art image acts as a giant link button as well. See the Rave documentation for "clickWindowAction"

See also, the "linkToWindow" in the "Interactivity" section of the Rave documentaion.

You can use Skin Machine to change the look and feel of the "link" button. You can even use a custom image.















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