Easy Install for Rave Player Wordpress Plugin

1. Download the Rave Plugin Package.

  Click here to download the ZIP package

Save the file to your local PC.

DON'T unzip the package, just leave it "as is."






2. Log in to your WordPress Admin panel.

Once logged in, click on the "Plugins" menu item to th left.


3. Click the "add new" link

The "add new" link is a sub-menu item under the Plugins section.



NOTE: This link is also locatedon the main Plugins page, toward the top right next to the main title.




4. Upload the ZIP package.

Click the "upload" link, which is located just under the main title of the page.

Then click the "browse" button and locate the ZIP file you downloaded named:





5. Install

Click the "install now" button located just to the right of the "browse" button.

This will upload the ZIP package and install the plugin into your site.

It'll take a minute or so to upload the ZIP package. Once the file has been successfully transferred to your server, you shoul see something similar to the following:





That's it, the plugin should be installed.

Now you're ready to "activate" the plugin.

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