Skin Machine

Skin Machine is a program that you can use to create new skins or modify existing skins. Skin Machine is a "stand alone" program that runs on your local PC.


Quick Start

1. Download Skin Machine

Download Skin Machine package to your local machine and unzip the package.

For Windows

  For Macintosh

2. Launch Skin Machine

Double click on the Skin Machine program. "Skin Machine.exe" for PC users and "Skin Machine" for Mac users.

If it is the first time using Skin Machine, you will be presented with a "default" skin. You can edit the default skin, or choose to load an existing skin.

how to make a skin

3. Open a skin file

Click the "Open" button from the main menu and navigate to a skin file on your PC.

Skin files can be found in the "skins" folder of the main Rave download package.

4. Edit an object

Click on objects within Skin Machine to resize, re-position and colorize elements.

See the "Object Editing" section below for more information on manipulating objects.


You can delete objects by dragging them on top of the trash icon, which is located in the lower right hand corner.

To remove an element from the trash, click on the trash can icon, then select an item from the list and then click the "OK" button.

The item that was removed from the trash will now be located in the upper left-hand corner of the program.




5. Save the Skin

When you're done editing the skin, click the "Save" or "Save As" button in the main menu.

We recommend saving new skins in their own new folder because Skin Machine will collect and store all of the associated graphics in the same folder that you save the skin.

The newly created images will have the same "base name" as the skin, but append the name of the object to the file name.

For example, if you saved the new skin as:

... then Skin Machine will save the background image as:


NOTE: When choosing a name for the skin consider the following:

- Use only Alpha-numeric characters. (i.e. no spaces or weirdo characters) because non-alpha-numeric characters can cause issues / fail.

- If you plan on uploading the skin to the same folder that contains Wimpy, you should start the name with "skin_" -- because skin files are XML files, but playlists are XML files too. Wimpy will automatically list XML files in the playlist. However, if an XML file starts with "skin_" wimpy will not include this XML file in the playlist.


This file will appear in the player's playlist:


This file will not appear in the player's playlist:





Object Editing

Resizing and Moving Objects

When you click on an object, it will become the "active object". The inspector panel will change to reflect the settings for that object and a blue outline will surround the object.

Clicking the X will hide the X and the diagonal arrow.

To resize the object:
1. Click-hold-and-drag the arrow in the lower right hand corner of the object.
2. Enter the width and height into the inspector panel, then click the "SET" button to apply the new width and height.

To move the object:
1. Drag it
2. Nudge it with the arrow keys on your keyboard


Edit the Tool Tip Text

You can edit the little yellow pop-up "tool tip" text that normally displays when you roll over a button.


Clicking on an object then edit the "Help Text" field, which is located toward the top of the inspector panel. After editing the text, be sure to click the "SET" button to apply the changes.


Editing the Default Info Text (Click on an item to start)

To edit the text that displays when the player starts up:


Click the "Start up text..." button in the main menu and edit the text in the dialog box that pops up.


Adjusting the glow around buttons









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