Edit Skin Objects


- Resizing and Moving Objects
- Tool Tip Text
- Default Info Text (Click on an item to start)
- Custom skin background graphic


Resizing and Moving Objects

When you click on an object, it will become the "active object". The inspector panel will change to reflect the settings for that object and a blue outline will surround the object.

Clicking the X will hide the X and the diagonal arrow.

To resize the object:
1. Click-hold-and-drag the arrow in the lower right hand corner of the object.
2. Enter the width and height into the inspector panel, then click the "SET" button to apply the new width and height.

To move the object:
1. Drag it
2. Nudge it with the arrow keys on your keyboard


Edit the Tool Tip Text

You can edit the little yellow pop-up "tool tip" text that normally displays when you roll over a button.


Clicking on an object then edit the "Help Text" field, which is located toward the top of the inspector panel. After editing the text, be sure to click the "SET" button to apply the changes.


Editing the Default Info Text (Click on an item to start)

To edit the text that displays when the player starts up:


Click the "Start up text..." button in the main menu and edit the text in the dialog box that pops up.

To manually edit the text:

NOTE: Only version 1.1 (and greater) skins can be edited manually.

Open the skin_name.xml file in a text editor and use the "find" or "search" feature of the text editor to locate the following text:


Immediately following "startUpText" text will be a reference to the actual text:

<startUpText showhide="show" theText="Click an item to start" />




How to use a custom skin background graphic

1. Select the background object

Once you have opened a skin_name.xml file in Skin Machine, click on the background object (the bounding box for the player itself).


2. Load a JPG or SWF file.

The "inspector" panel should now display information about the background element.

At the bottom of the Inspector, click the "Load Graphic " button. Locate a JPG or SWF file you would like to use as a background image on your local PC.

NOTE: After the image is loaded, it may be necessary to click the "Reset Dimensions" button so that the background size gets re-sized to match the dimensions of the loaded file.

Once the image is loaded, Skin Machine will copy and rename the original JPG or SWF file to the same location as the skin that you are currently working on,

For example, if you are working on a skin file that is located here:

C:\my documents\wimpy\skins\skin_name.xml

... and your JPG or SWF background image is located here:

C:my documents\web stuff\mp3 player\background image.jpg

... Skin Machine will make a copy of the original file ("background image.jpg") and place a new file into the same folder that contains the skin you are currently working on. This newly created file will use the same name as the skin, but only with "_bkgd" appended to the file name.

C:\my documents\wimpy\skins\skin_name_bkgd.jpg

Notice that Skin Machine will use the same name as the skin you are working on, but just tack on a "_bkgd" to the end of the file name.

The reason this occurs is because, in order to use a custom background image the background image must be located in the same directory as the skin_name.xml. So by copying and renaming the selected image, Skin Machine can kinda guarantee that the image will be in the proper location... As both Skin Machine and Wimpy MP3 Player (on your server) both require that the background image be in the same directory (folder) as the skin_name.xml.






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