There are a number of ways to populate the Rave's playlist:


Automatically display the contents of the Wimpy installation folder. Using this option allows you to easily manage what gets played within the player by simply uploading / organizing files and sub-folders within your Wimpy installation folder.

NOTE: This option is only available on servers that use PHP, ASP or ColdFusion. Most web hosts run at least one of these technologies.  If nothing shows up in the playlist when this option is set, chances are that your host does not run PHP, ASP or CFM. Try using one of the other Playlist options or contact your hosting company.

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XML Playlist

No special server-side functionality is needed to use an XML playlist because an XML playlist is simply a file that contains information about each track. You can use Playlister to create XML playlists, or create XML playlists manually.

For advanced XML authors, be sure to check out the Wimpy XML Playlist Format

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Hook Rave up to a podcast feed. To play podcasts directly in Rave.

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Embedded Playlist

Define the files that appear within Rave by "embedding" the list of files directly into the HTML code that is used to display the player.

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Simple Text Playlist (PLS)

This is the simplest external playlist option. Simply list the URL to each media file in a "txt" file.

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M3U Playlist

These playlists are "old school" text-based playlists that provide a few additional bits of information such as "duration" and track title. Although not as flexible as an XML playlist, they are rather easy to create manually.

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The built-in Javascript controls allow you to populate the playlist via AJAX.

Check out the "Javascript Controls" section of the documentation. The "Function Reference" portion explains all of the playlist controls available.

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