Automatic Playlists

This is the easiest method for managing and presenting media within Rave. This option allows you to manage the items displayed within the player by simply uploading and organizing media files to your Rave Installation Folder.

You can even organize media files within sub-folders. Sub-folders appear within the player with a "+" symbol next to the sub-folder name. Clicking on the sub-folder item within the player will "open" that folder and reveal it's contents. This process is analogous to how one might navigate through folders on a PC.

This method uses a server-side script to automatically list the media files and sub-folders within your Rave Installation folder. Server-side scripts are already included within the Rave package. The server-side script will automatically read the contents of the Rave installation folder and present a list of files and sub-folders back to the player.

Nothing special needs to be done to leverage this option -- simply fire-up the Customizer Tool. Upon launching the Customizer Tool, it will automatically check to see which server-side functionality exists on your server -- and use the appropriate script.

However, this method does require a server-side scripting program (on PHP, ASP or ColdFusion ) to be installed on your web server. Most web server's have one of these programs already installed. The most popular of the three is PHP. If your server does not have any of these programs, you'll have to resort to using another playlist option -- and enter the URL to files associated with Rave manually.

To use this option, refer to the instructions for using the Customizer Tool







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