Javascript Controls - Overview

Javascript controls allow you to control nearly every aspect of Wimpy RAVE and/or interact with Wimpy RAVE to collect / insert data to / from the player, or load files into Wimpy RAVE dynamically..

Javascript controls are handled through rave.js, which is also used to render Wimpy RAVE in your HTML page. Hence, JavaScript controls do not need to be installed or configured. The Javascript controls work "out of the box."

Intended Audience

The JavaScript controls are intended for advanced HTML authors who are not afraid to tinker with HTML and modify JavaScript variables. If the previous sentence didn't make sense to you, you may want to make a pot of coffee. There is a "newbie" section included in this documentation, which attempts to help explain some of the techno mumbo-jumbo it's the best we can offer without actually showing up at your office and holding your hand.

IMPORTANT: Rave was designed to work on a web server, not a local PC.





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