Wimpy Rave is a power, full-featured website media player that is fully skinnable and customizable.

In simple terms, Rave is aware of it's environment. Rave will automatically list media files that are in the same folder as Rave. All you have to do to include new media files within the player is upload them. You can even add sub-folders. Sub-folders will appear within Rave with a + next to the folder name. Users can navigate through these sub-folders, just like they do on a regular computer.

Rave uses "standard issue" technology: HTML, JavaScript and Flash, which means that visitors to your site won't have to "do anything special". Certain features of the player require a server-side scripting environment, such as PHP, ASP or ColdFusion. Most web servers include at least one of these technologies -- however, these technologies are not mandatory in order to use Wimpy -- you can create playlists manually.

We've created a number of tools to help write the code required to get Wimpy situated on your web site. The most important tool is Customizer, which is a web-based tool that automatically generates the required HTML code needed to insert any number of Wimpy players, anywhere on your website.

About the 15 Day Trial

The free 15 day trial version is identical to the licensed version.

After 15 days, the player will no long work and a black box will appear within the player indicating that the evaluation period has ended.

Purchasing a license will re-enable the player.

After purchasing a license, you will receive a registration code, which must be included within the HTML used to display the player. You can use the Customizer Tool (or similar) to include the registration code within the HTML used to display the player.

Click here for more information on using the registration code

Video formats supported


Audio formats supported


System Requirements

Wimpy Rave can run on any web server or web site. If you are interested in using Rave in "Automatic Mode" (where media files are automatically listed in the player based on their existence within the Rave installation folder) then your server must have either PHP, ASP or ColdFusion. Most web servers have at least one of these technologies already installed. The Customizer will attempt to automatically determine which technology is available on your server.

What You Will Need to Know

To install and configure your Wimpy Rave player, you will need to know:

  1. How to copy files from your computer to your web server using FTP,
  2. How to copy and paste into an HTML page.

Both of these things are quite easy to learn, even if you're not a computer whiz!








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