Quick Start

Need to write an overview of why this tool is the center-piece for installing and using Rave (similar to Wasp Publisher) -- the old "give the user a heads up as to what they are getting into."

Before you can load and customize Rave, you must install it on your website. This simple process is explained below.

1. Unzip the Rave package

Click here if you are unfamiliar with "Zip Files".

When unzipping the package, be sure to keep the directory structure in-tact. Although it is not completely necessary, doing so will help keep things organized.

2. Install (upload)

The "installation" process is simply a matter of uploading the files to your website via FTP.

Create a new folder on your website and upload all the Rave files to this folder. In these examples we will use the name "rave" for this folder, but you can call it anything you want.  If you are unfamiliar with "FTP", click here for a detailed explanation. 


Once you have uploaded all the files, Rave will be completely installed and ready to use.

NOTE: When creating this folder, only use alphanumeric characters. Spaces and punctuation should not be used.

NOTE: The folder that you create will be referred to throughout the remainder of this documentation as the "Rave installation folder".

3. Configure

To configure the player we'll use the Customizer, which is one of the files that you just uploaded (customizer.html). The Customizer will generate the HTML code needed to display Rave on your website.

Open your web browser and type the URL to the file named "customizer.html" into your browser's address bar.


For more information on using the Rave Customizer is available in the "Tools" section.


4. Select Skin

Click on "+ Display" to open the Customizer's display menu. Select a skin from the drop-down menu.

The player should automatically refresh and apply the selected skin.

NOTE: You can create your own custom skin using Skin Machine, or download new skins.

5. Get the Code

At the bottom of the Customizer there are three boxes which contain HTML code. Click the "Save" button below the "Full Page" section.

You will be prompted to save a file with the name of "myWimpy.html". Save the file to your PC, then using your FTP program, upload the file to your web site. We recommend uploading this file to your Rave installation folder, but you are free to upload it to any location.

6. Preview

Using a web browser, enter the URL to the "myWimpy.html" file that you just uploaded.

If the example files play, and the player displays properly using the selected skin, you can now proceed to upload your media files to your Rave installation folder. New files added to the Rave installation folder will automatically display within the player.






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