Getting Started

For seasoned webmasters, we recommend the "Quick Start" guide, which is a concise guide designed to get you up and running quickly and covers the fundamental aspects of Wimpy Rave.

For newbie webmasters, we recommend starting with the "Basic Install" guide, which includes more comprehensive step-by-step instructions and helpful links for difficult concepts such as FTP, Copy and Paste, and basic HTML.

Once Rave is installed, the next step is to use Rave Customizer, which is a web-based tool that allows you to configure Rave without having to write a lick of code! Rave Customizer generates the required HTML code needed to insert Rave anywhere on your website.

Once you've mastered the process of configuring and inserting Rave, you can explore other features such as designing a custom skin, creating custom playlists and the JavaScript controls by visiting the online Rave documentation center.








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