Advertisement "Plugs"

There are a number of ways to include advertisements within Rave. The most obvious method is to create an XML playlist and pepper ads throughout the playlist.

Another method is to create a script that dynamically"serves" ad files to Rave. This method will require knowledge of a server-side scripting environment such as PHP to accept a query string, then interpret the query and "feed" a media file to Rave.

Both of the methods mentioned above still lack an important aspect of running ads through Rave -- the ability to prevent the ad from being skipped or advanced. Usually, you'll want to "force" the end user to watch the ad.

Hence, we've developed a useful and flexible system for including advertisements within Rave. We call it "Plug Playlists". The Plug playlist system allows you to build a separate playlist that consists solely of advertisement media files. When a Plug Playlist item is playing within Rave, playback controls are disabled. What's more, you can designate how often items from the plug Playlist are played.

Click here for more information on using a Plug Playlist.







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