Rave Customizer

The Rave Customizer is a web-based interface for configuring your Wimpy Rave player. The Customizer allows you to quickly and easily change your configuration settings whenever you wish. The HTML code generated by the Customizer allows you to insert any number of Wimpy Rave players, anywhere on your website.

Customizer is included in the Rave download package -- installation of the tool is described the "Quick Start" and "Basic Install" instructions.

Rave Customizer consists of three main areas:

1. Option Panels
On the left side of the interface, Customizer includes five main sub-panels which can be viewed by clicking on their titles. You can learn more about each option available for Rave by clicking on each option's text.

2. Preview Panel
On the right side you'll see a large Preview Panel containing a Wimpy Rave player.  This is where your changes will be displayed as you work on your configuration. Some options will automatically update the Preview Panel once a change has been made, however, some options require you to click the "Refresh Player / Code" links in order for the change to become visible / active. (The "Refresh Player / Code" links are located above and below the Preview Panel)

3. Code Boxes
Below the Preview Panel are three text boxes.  These boxes will display your HTML code.  Once you've configured Wimpy Rave to your specifications, click the "Refresh Player / Code" link to update the HTML boxes, then click the "save" button to save the HTML code of your choice.  (Alternately, you may right-click into the text area that contains the HTML code, choose "Select All" from the menu, and copy/paste the HTML code into your exiting HTML page.)


Quick Start

1. Launch Customizer

Customizer is one of the files that was uploaded during installation (customizer.html) and is located within the Rave Installation folder.

Open your web browser and type the URL to the file named "customizer.html" into your browser's address bar:



NOTE: When Customizer loads for the first time, you should see the default Rave player in the Preview Panel.

If you do not see the player in the right-hand panel, you may have to click the "Refresh Player / Code" link (which is located above and below the Preview Panel).


1. Select Skin

Click on "+ Display" to open the Customizer's display menu. Select a skin from the drop-down menu. The player should automatically refresh and apply the selected skin.

NOTE: You can create your own custom skin using Skin Machine, or download new skins. After uploading new skins to the Rave Installation folder, they will be available the next time you launch Customizer.


2. Get the Code

At the bottom of the Customizer there are three boxes which contain HTML code. Click the "Save" button below the "Full Page" section.

You will be prompted to save a file with the name of "myWimpy.html" to you PC.


3. Upload the "myWimpy.html" file

Using your FTP program, upload the file to your web site.

We recommend uploading this file to your Rave installation folder, but you are free to upload it to any location.



4. Test

Using a web browser, enter the URL to the "myWimpy.html" file that you just uploaded.



If any one of the following conditions exist:
- The default player does not list any items in the player's playlist
- The Display > Skin drop-down menu does not contain any skins
- Some of the fields display the text "__install__"


This indicates that Customizer is unable to determine an applicable server technology that can automatically configure the player.

Open the "Advanced" panel and scroll down to the bottom.

In the field labeled "Installation Folder" enter the URL to your Rave installation folder, then click the "apply" link next to the field.

Open the "Media" Panel and set "Playlist" to anything other than "Automatic".

You'll have to manually enter URLs to all files associated with Rave (e.g. skin, playlist, etc.).





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