Start Up Logo

startupLogo -- Sets an image to display when Wimpy loads



You can use either a JPG or SWF image as the start up logo, which will replace the default "W" logo when the player starts up.

When the image is loaded, it is centered within the player's bounding box. The image is not resized, it is only centered.

You can use your own custom logo when the player starts up by entering a URL to a JPG or SWF file into the "Start up logo" field in the "Advanced Options" section of the Customizer tool.

NOTE: If you are using an SWF logo, Wimpy will center the loaded movie based on the dimensions of all of the objects on the main stage, so if there are any "invisible" items, or if objects "hang off the edge" of the main stage, or if the objects are smaller than the main stage, the loaded logo may not get centered properly. Wimpy can not determine the size of the main stage, it can only determine the size of all the objects on the main stage.











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