Play this track at startup

startOnTrack -- Plays specific track at startup



When the player loads, Wimpy will start a specific track in the playlist. To determine the proper number for this option, start at the top of the playlist and count down. The first item in the playlist is number "1" the second item in the playlist is number "2" and so on.

When determining the number for the track, sub-folders ARE included in the "count." So for example, if you have 3 sub-folders (or 3 playlists) at the top of the playlist, followed by 3 media files (FLV, SWF or MP3s) as:

+ Sub Folder 1
+ Sub Folder 2
+ Sub Folder 3
- Track 1
- Track 2
- Track 3

For example, according to the "playlist" above -- if you would like to launch "Track 1" in the playlist when the player loads, then enter 4 for this option. If the "Start playing immediately" option is checked, and this option is set to "4" then the 4th item (Track 1) will start to play as soon as the player is launched or as soon as the user clicks "play."

... If you want to play the "Track 2" at start up, then you would enter "5" for this option because "Track 2" is the fifth item down in the playlist.

This option is affected by the Sort Order you specify. You may need to experiment with this option before actually "hitting" the correct track.

This option is NOT compatible with "Select random track at startup" -- but this option IS compatible with the "Random Button start up state" option. In other words, if you want a specific file to play FIRST, then continue playing randomly after the first track is done... You can do so by turning on the Random Button and setting this option to a specific track. In other words, kind of like the opposite of "Select random track at startup."



Any number greater than or equal to 1



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