Sort Field

sortField -- Which kind of data to sort the playlist on


By default Wimpy is set up to sort the playlist based on track titles -- or, technically, by the <title> tag.

NOTE: If you do not want to sort the playlist, and have the items appear in the playlist according to the original order of your XML playlist (or other playlist), set sortField to "Don't Sort" (sortField=none).

Wimpy will attempt to match whatever is assigned to softField to an XML tag found in the playlist. For example, a Wimpy XML playlist may read as follows:

     <title>      My Title 1      </title>
     <artist>     My Artist 1     </artist>
     <album>      My Album 1      </album>
     <description>Cool Track 1    </description>
     <date>       20070611-02:30:32.36256</date>
     <whatever>   101             </whatever>
     <title>      My Title 2       </title>
     <artist>     My Artist 2      </artist>
     <album>      My Album 2       </album>
     <description>Cool Track 2     </description>
     <date>       20070611-02:30:32.36256</date>
     <whatever>   102             </whatever>

If sortField is set to "title" Wimpy will look for an XML <tag> with the name of "title." In the example above "title" is an available tag for each item-- hence wimpy will sort all the items based on this tag.

Because Wimpy XML Playlists may include any number of additional tags, we've added the <whatever> tag to our <item> -- this will allow us to sort by our new tag.  So, if sortField is set to "whatever" Wimpy will look for a tag named "whatever." then sort the items based on the data found in the <whatever> tag or each item.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When sorting, if one of the items contains nothing, that item may appear either at the top or the bottom of the sort. Wimpy requires "something" to be within the sorting tag.

For example, if, in the example above, the second item contained "nothing" in the <whatever> tag as:


... then the second item would not be sorted and would end up either at the top or the bottom of the playlist within Wimpy.



none (prevent the player from sorting)
+ Or any other field defined within the XML playlist


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- sortOrder








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