Info Button Action

infoButtonAction -- Establishes the behavior of the "More Info" button associated with each playlist item.



This option allows you to configure how the "More Info" button operates. The "More Info" button will only appear on playlist items that have either a <link> tag or a <description> tag, if neither of these tag existing the the playlist XML, the "More Info" button will not appear when a playlist item is rolled-over with the mouse.

When this option is set to "link," Wimpy will cause the "More Info" button to act like a hyperlink, and open a new browser window using the URL contained in the <link> tag as the address for the opened window. If you would like to target a specific window with the link, you'll need to set the "Link To Window" option.


When this option is set to "info," Wimpy will open a small window within the player. This small window will display Artist, Album, Title, Description and the Link. The link will be an embedded link that reads "Click here..." If you would like the "Click here..." link to target a specific window, you will need to set the "Link To Window" option.




NOTE: By default, running Wimpy in "Automatic" mode, where the contents of the Wimpy Installation folder are automatically put into a playlist, neither the <link> nor <description> tags will be added, unless you are using "External Info Files."



link -- Opens a new window using the URL defined in the <link> tag of the XML playlist
info -- Display all track info loaded via XML inside a small window within Wimpy.



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