Extract Embedded ID3 Info

getMyid3info -- Reads and displays the ID3 information from each MP3 file.


This option cause PHP, ASP or ColdFusion to extract the ID3 information out of each MP3 file so that Wimpy can display (and use) the embedded ID3 information in the player.

ID3 is a tagging format for MP3 files. It allows you to store human readable information such as such as Artist, Title, Genre, etc in an MP3 file. Click here for more information on editing / creating ID3 tags.

When getMyid3info is set to "yes"

Wimpy will read the embedded ID3 information in each MP3 file and display the embedded information in the playlist.

Wimpy will display the "Title" for each track in the playlist and "Artist - Title *** Artist Title" in the info display area when a track is playing.

If data is present in the ID3 tag's "comments" field, Wimpy will activate the graphic container so that it behaves like a button and use the data found in the comments tag as a hyperlink on the graphic container.

If Wimpy is unable to read the ID3 information, Wimpy will default to presenting a "pseudo" file name in the playlist.

NOTE: The ASP version of Wimpy only reads ID3 version 1 tags, so if you are experiencing difficulties in getting Wimpy to read your ID3 tags with the ASP version, check that your MP3 files are using ID3v1 tags as opposed to ID3v2 tags.

NOTE: If you're using PHP you must upload the separate getid3 library to your Wimpy folder. The getid3 library files are located in the download package and can be uploaded as a sub-folder in the Wimpy installation folder, or you can upload the getid3 files directly to the Wimpy installation folder -- either location will work.

NOTE: If you are using the ColdFusion version, you will have to install the Helliker ID3 library files. Please refer to the Helliker documentation for how to install the library.

When this option is set to "no"

Wimpy will display a "pseudo" file name in the playlist -- in other words Wimpy displays the file name without the ".mp3" extension.

For example, if you have a file named "My cool tune.mp3," by default, Wimpy will list the file in the playlist as "My cool tune" -- because Wimpy "chops off the "dot" and extension and just displays the "base name" of the file in the playlist.

Wimpy loads faster if when this option is set to "no"






This option defaults to "no"
You can either explicitly set this option to "yes" or "no" or simply do not include this option when loading the player and Wimpy will use the "default" value.









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