Cover Art Base Name

coverartBasename -- Sets the "base name" wimpy should use to look for cover art files.


When running Wimpy in "Automatic Mode," Wimpy "looks for" this file in each folder and sub-folder. If Wimpy finds a file that uses this name, Wimpy will use the image file as the folder's icon in the playlist. If the sub-folder is "opened" from within Wimpy, Wimpy will load this image into the Video Window.

If a file of this name exits in the Wimpy Installation folder, Wimpy will attempt to load this file into the Video Window as the "start up" coverart. This is useful if you have set "startPlayingOnLoad" to "no" -- and are requesting users to click "play" to launch a video. Under this circumstance, the user will see the "coverart.jpg" file in the Video Window.

Another option "defaultImage" exists which acts similarly to this option. The difference being that defaultImage must be manually set up and only allows you to specify one image. "defaultImage" is actually loaded "underneath" any coverart.jpg files that may exist. Both options compliment each other. Generally speaking "defaultImage" acts as a "fall back" in case a coverart.jpg file does not exist or can't be loaded.

You can set this option to use a png or swf file, however, swf files may interfere, or show up in the playlist. You can use "hide_files" to prevent certain filenames from showing up in the playlist.

Be sure to review "Customize > Cover Art "

IMPORTANT NOTE: Setting coverartBasename also sets the default extension (or file kind) that Wimpy will "look for" when creating a playlist.

When running Wimpy in Automatic Mode, Wimpy looks for matching files that can be used as an icon in the playlist or loaded up in the Video Window (Loading a matching cover art file into the Video Window is primarily used for listening to MP3 tracks, because video files occupy the Video Window).

For example, if you have a track titled "track_one.mp3" located here:

... then Wimpy will "look for" a matching cover art file that uses the JPG extension as:

However, if coverartBasename is set to coverart.png, then Wimpy will look for a matching PNG file as:

... because when specifying a coverartBasename, Wimpy "assumes" that you are using the same type of file (JPG, PNG, or SWF) for all of your cover art needs. For example, if you set coverartBasename to "coverart.png" then Wimpy assumes that it should look for media file cover art that uses a matching name of the PNG variety.



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