Buffer Seconds

bufferSeconds -- Buffers the media to minimize choppy playback


This ensures that X number of seconds are available for playback in memory before the track starts to play.

Low-bandwidth users will experience a longer delay as the number of seconds allotted to bufferSeconds is downloaded to their machine for each track. This feature allows for a less-choppy nicer listening experience.

High-bandwidth users will not experience additional delays when this option is set to a higher value.

It is important to note that the number of seconds set for this option does not mean "number of seconds to wait" before the track plays, but rather, "the amount of data (bytes) that constitutes X seconds of playback time of the source media to load before starting to play."

For example:

A media file that is nicely compressed may be 15 minutes in duration with a file size of 10,000 KB (10 megs). This equals about 600KB per playback minute, or about 10 KB per playback second.

Simply put, each second that the file plays "costs" 10 KB to download. Therefore if bufferSeconds is set to 15 seconds, only 150KB needs to load before Wimpy will play the track -- because once 15 seconds worth of media is loaded to memory -- or "buffered" to memory the player will start to play the track. A high-bandwidth connection can load 150KB in 2 or 3 seconds, whereas a low-bandwidth connection might take 20 or 30 seconds to load 150KB.

For low-bandwidth users, once the "buffer" runs dry no more data is available to play back, hence more data must be downloaded before playback can resume. If the buffer is set too low, a "stuttering" effect will occur because it may take a low-bandwidth user 5 seconds to download 1 second worth of data, so every 5 seconds the player will play 1 seconds of media, then wait 5 seconds to buffer 1 second, play 1 seconds, wait 5 seconds etc...



[ number ] - number of seconds to buffer



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