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URL Encrypter is a utility for Wasp and Rave that will encrypt URLs in order to hide the location of the files on your web server. Wasp and Rave can only load files that are available through a public address (URL).

By encrypting URLs, physical locations to files can be hidden from users who review the source code used to display the player. This provides an extra level of security for access to the source files, preventing folks from easily deriving the direct URL to media files that are stored in a public area on your web server.

Media files, external playlist files, images and any other kind of file that gets loaded into Wasp or Rave can be derived from the source code (e.g. HTML, XML code) that is used to display Wasp or Rave.

All external files that get loaded into Wasp or Rave that use a URL can be encrypted, including:
- Media Files
- Image Files
- Cover Art
- Video Overlay
- Playlist Files (Rave)
- Plugins (Rave)
- Skin Files (Rave)
- And any other file that uses a URL.

Encrypted URLs may also appear within XML playlists, Javascript calls used to load media, any other file or feature that uses a URL to load a file into Wasp or Rave.

For more information on protection, including alternative methods for preventing direct access to media files, see the FAQ entitled "Pretty Good Protection."


For Windows

  For Macintosh



Relative URLs may not work. Be sure to use full URLs, example:

Bad (relative URL):

Good (full URL):


Using URL Encrypter

The utility is rather straightforward:

- Launch the program, then
- Enter a URL into "String to Encrypt" field.
- Click the "Encrypt" button.
- The encrypted string will appear in the "Encrypted String" field.
- Right click into that field and choose "Select All" from the menu.
- Right click again and choose "Copy".
- Paste the encrypted string into your HTML to XML playlist file.


Encryption Levels

There are two "levels" of encryption:
- Level 1 uses standard base64 encoding
- Level 2 uses a proprietary encryption technique that is only available via the URL Encrypter Utility.


Alternative Encryption Methods

For advanced webmasters who wish to encrypt URLs themselves, this can be accomplished relatively easily using the "level 1" encryption, which is simple base64 encoding.

NOTE: Level 2 encryption is proprietary. Only the URL Encrypter utility can produce "level 2" encryption.

Most server-side scripting environments have built-in base64 function. Click here for example scripts that will base64 a URL

For Wasp or Rave to recognize that a URL is encrypted,simply place "__1" in front of the encrypted string.










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