Using the Vote Option

To set up wimpy to use votes:

  1. 1. Edit a skin, and remove the "votes" button from the trash. (The vote button has a star on it)
  2. 2. Use the customizer tool and check the option for voting. and enter the URL to the script you are using to track the votes.

The example wimpy_vote.php script is available as an example of how to receive the data that the player issues when a user clicks the vote button, how the information is actually stored and maintained is up to you.

You can download an example of how to receive the vote data by downloading the "Track Plays / Vote Example" from the "Tools" section.


Alternatively, if you're comfortable with Javascript, you can leverage the Javascript Controls to determine when a track is played using the "Event Handlers."

See the Wimpy MP3 Player documentation > Javascript Controls > Event Handlers







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