Wimpy SQL Set up

1. Download and install the standard Wimpy MP3 Player demo.

Click here to download the free demo

Follow the standard installation instructions for Wimpy MP3 Player.


2. - Download and unzip package to your local machine.

Click here to download the Wimpy SQL for MySQL - PHP file.

3. Create a database and users.

Most hosting companies don't allow scripts (e.g. PHP) to create databases and or users "on the fly" -- these must be set up manually using a special tool such as cPanel or Plesk. Which means that before you set up the config options in the configuration file, you'll first need to create a database and define users for the newly created DB.

There are two kinds of users for Wimpy SQL; an "admin" user and a "public" user. The admin user will have priveledges to modify every aspect of the DB, whereas the public user will only be allowed to read and update the DB.

Generally, the steps for creating a DB and users are as follows:

1. Log in to your (server) "control panel" (e.g. cPanel)
2. Go to "MySQL Databases" section.
3. Create a new database
4. Since users can often have access to multiple DBs, the DB must first be created, then a user is "applied" to the DB. Since we've already created a DB, we can now go ahead and create two new users:
- Create the "admin" user and apply the user to the newly created DB with privileges "all"
- Create the "public" user and apply the user to the newly created DB with privileges "select" and "update"

Make a note of the database name, usernames and passwords used, as we'll need them for the next section.

4. Edit the configuration file.

Open wimpy.sql.configs.php in a text editor.and enter the DB names and users from step 3:


MySQL host -- "localhost" is most common.


MySQL database name.


Admin user (full privileges)


Admin password


Public user (select and update privileges)


Public password

The rest of the options do not need to be edited, but can be if so desired.

Save the config file

NOTE: If you're having problems getting track to playback, you may want to set the "publicUser / publicPwd" to the same user / pwd as the admin user.

5. Upload all of the wimpySQL files to your Wimpy installation folder.

Here is a list of the files and folders that should be in your Wimpy MP3 Player installation folder:

+ getid3

The getid3 library, which is a part of the standard Wimpy MP3 download package

- coverart_fallback.jpg

This will get copied and renamed to folders that do not contain a "coverart.jpg" file

- index.php

The Wimpy SQL home page

- myWimpy.php

Used when the Playlist Tool "Make Player" is selected. You can create a new one with the online Customizer tool.

- skin_makePlayer.xml

Default skin for "myWimpy.php"

- skin_makePlayer_bkgd.jpg

Default skin's background graphic

- wimpy.sql.common.php

Settings that are common to both admin and public users.

- wimpy.sql.configs.php

Configs file

- wimpy.sql.coverart.php

Cover art handler functions


Directory reading functions

- wimpy.sql.filer.php

File processing functions

- wimpy.sql.install.php

Installation functions.

- wimpy.sql.php

Used as the "public" Wimpy (specify this file for "Wimpy Script" when using the Customizer tool)


The skin used for the Wimpy Player that is loaded into wimpy.sql.swf.

- wimpy.sql.sql.swf

The primary Wimpy SQL controller.

- wimpy.sql.users.php

User functions

- wimpy.swf

Wimpy MP3 Player is loaded into wimpy.sql.swf so you can play tracks. (The demo or standard version will work)


6.  Pull up the Wimpy SQL home page (index.php)..









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