Wimpy SQL MP3 Player

Wimpy SQL is an MP3 database administration utility that uses PHP / MySQL.

Wimpy SQL extracts ID3 information from each MP3 file and puts the ID3 information into a database. Plus it's a cool network MP3 player too :)


  • A great user interface + MP3 player
  • Add, modify and delete database entries.
  • Create playlists
  • Export XML based playlists (Wimpy XML playlist format)
  • Generate a web-based MP3 player based on a playlist
  • Automatically retrieve cover art (requires an Amazon Web Services developer account)
  • Search database
  • Remove MP3s from disk
  • Recursively scan directories for MP3 files and cover art.
download php

download php

Screen Shots


The default startup view






Drag and drop covers



Drag and drop playlist items



Import tracks from any directory



Manage users



View track info (public)



View / Edit track info (admin)



Playlist Tools



Run Wimpy MP3 Player off of playlists









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