Using Customizer

The example "myWimpy.php" file is provided as a simple example, and must be located in the same folder as wimpy.sql.php in order to work. By using the Customizer Tool, you will be able to create a "myWimpy.php" file that you can put in different locations around your site. Plus you can set your own skin, and adjust other options as desired.

When using the Customizer Tool, use the following settings:

For: Wimpy Script
Set this to the URL to "wimpy.sql.php"

For: Using MySQL database
Click the checkbox for this option so that Wimpy knows to handle requests in the proper way.

For Prevent Local Caching
  - If your database lists file locations as system paths: - Checked.
  - If your database lists files as public URLs you can leave this un-checked.

Do not use:

Embedded playlist
Encrypt HTML
Force XML playlist (forceXMLplaylist)
Play Icecast stream (icecast)
Startup folder (startDir)

The remainder of the options can be set at your discretion.

Upload the resulting "myWimpy.php" to your server and enter a query as:







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