SQL Troubleshooting

If the playlist does not populate:

Double check to make sure that you have not manually edited the HTML / PHP code that the Customizer tool output. Use the Customizer tool again to make any modifications to the file.

Access wimpy.sql.ed.php directly with your web browser to see if you get any errors.


Often times there is a username and password ms-configuration in the wimpy.sql.ed.configs.php file.

Check to make sure that the user defined in wimpy.sql.ed.php has enough privileges to access the database you've defined in the configs.

Try accessing wimpy.sql.ed.php with a query string.


If the result looks like:


Chances are that the column references defined in the configs are not referencing the proper column name in your database. There may be a case sensitive issue, or misspelling. Double check the "DATA SETUP" section of the wimpy.sql.ed.configs.php file.

If your getting something similar to:

&item0=28| ...

Then Wimpy seems to be working OK, double check myWimpy.php for any modifications you may have done. (I highly recommend using the Customizer tool). You can refer to the "myWimpy.php" file that came in the MySQL connection script package -- upload it to the same folder as wimpy.swf and give it another whirl.

Double check that none of the following options are used:

Do not use:

Embedded playlist
Encrypt HTML
Force XML playlist (forceXMLplaylist)
Play Icecast stream (icecast)
Startup folder (startDir)

If you're using a wimpyConfigs.xml file. try removing the file and just get things running through standard HTML. Once things are working with standard HTML, you can go back and work out how to set up the wimpyConfigs.xml later.

Caching is a big problem. I recommend using FireFox during development, there are tons of great "plugins" that **really** empty the cache and ensure that you have the latest HTML. Plus the default "clear cache" works just great (unlike Safari or Internet Explorer).






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