Wimpy SQL ED Overview

Version 2.1

Wimpy SQL ED allows you to run Wimpy MP3 Player off of your existing MySQL database. Wimpy SQL ED acts as a liaison between your database and Wimpy MP3 Player.

Wimpy SQL ED is basically used to establish a relationship between your MySQL table's column names and Wimpy's built in "datasetup" model. The basic idea being that Wimpy needs to know what column names refer to what kind of data. You must edit the "configuration" file manually to define these relationships.

Wimpy SQL ED was designed for the experienced webmaster and for folks who are familiar with setting up and administering MySQL databases. Hence, we are assuming that you already have a database, table and user(s) already set up.

Download Wimpy SQL ED

Wimpy SQL ED consists of 3 files:


To define:
- MySQL database, table, user name and password
- Relationships between your database column names and the data that Wimpy needs to operate.


The "application" that returns a playlist to wimpy. This is also known as the "wimpyApp."


The file that channels query's to wimpy.sql.ed.php







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