XML Playlists Overview

An XML playlist is a text-based XML file that contains information about each file you would like to present in the player. An XML playlist is used in lieu of wimpy.php/asp/cfm to populate the list of tracks within Wimpy, which means that no special server-side functionality is required.

Benefits of using an XML playlist:

Minimize server load.
Playlister playlists reduce server load -- since the id3 information is extracted and stored in a file only one time, PHP, ASP and ColdFusion do not have to labor over extracting id3 information every time Wimpy is loaded.

Run Wimpy on a CD, DVD or Hard Drive.
If you wanted to use Wimpy on a CD, DVD or Hard Drive, you can build a playlist by manually entering file paths.

Run Wimpy on servers that don't support PHP, ASP or ColdFusion.
After creating an XML playlist, use the Customizer Tool to run Wimpy off of the playlist. The XML playlist take the place of the wimpy.php/asp/cfm.

Customize the order in which items appear in the list.

Customize the Artist, Title, Image, Description and Links.


Creating an XML playlist

There are two methods for creating XML playlists:

1. Use Playlister to automatically generate Wimpy formatted playlists.
2. Manually author the XML files. Click here to learn more about the Wimpy XML Playlist format.


Applying an XML playlist

  1. Create an XML playlist.
  2. Upload the XML file to your server.
  3. Use the Customizer tool and enter the URL to the XML file (playlist.xml) into the "Wimpy Script" field.











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