Automatic Playlists

Wimpy was designed to operate using "automatic" playlists. This method uses the "Wimpy Script" (wimpy.php, wimpy.asp, or wimpy.cfm) to automatically list the MP3 files and sub-folders within your Wimpy Installation folder.

This option allows you to manage the items displayed within the player by simply uploading MP3 files and folders to your Wimpy Installation Folder.

The Wimpy Script will automatically read the contents of the Wimpy Installation Folder and present the list of MP3s and sub-folders within the player. This method requires a server-side scripting program (on PHP, ASP or ColdFusion ) to be installed on your web server.

To use this option:

Use the Customizer tool and enter the URL to the script file (wimpy.php, wimpy.asp, or wimpy.cfm) into the "Wimpy Script" field.







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