JavaScript Controls (AJAX)

Javascript controls allow you to control nearly every aspect of Wimpy through simple AJAX calls. JavaScript controls are built into all version of Wimpy MP3 Player (PHP, ASP and ColdFusion).

Download the Wimpy Javascript Kit.

The Wimpy Javascript Kit includes several example pages to show how the JavaScript Controls actually work. We've tried to keep the source HTML code within the examples clean and commented, so if you are experienced with HTML and JavaScript, reading the source HTML / source JavaScript should be helpful.

The "Setup - For Pros " guide is intended for advanced HTML authors who are already familiar with HTML and modifying JavaScript.

The "Setup - For Newbies " guide provides detailed instructions and attempts to help explain some of the techno mumbo-jumbo.

NOTE: Using the examples locally: We recommend running examples on your web server. Running the examples on your local PC may cause your browser to issue a security warning (a built in feature of the Adobe Flash plugin) that flags any Adobe Flash file that is run locally. There is no risk in running Wimpy locally, so if you must, you can configure your Adobe Flash plugin to allow files to run locally by clicking the "Settings" button on the pop up dialog.







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