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- Be sure to adhere to the installation instructions.

- Try accessing wimpy.php directly?


Test your server-side scripting environment (PHP, ASP or ColdFusion) to see if it is responding properly.

To test if PHP, ASP or ColdFusion is working properly, pull up wimpy.php/asp/cfm with your web browser.

Enter the following into your browser's address field:

Next, add the following to the end of the address:


The full address should read as follows:

Once you have the full address hit "enter" on your keyboard. You should see something similar to:


... if you don't see a version number, but rather see either Wimpy or a big chunk of ugly code, then your server does not support the server-side script version that you attempted to install.

In other words, if you uploaded the PHP version and did not see the version number, then your server does not support PHP... try uploading / installing the ASP version.

If your web hosting company claims to have PHP working for your web site...Some web hosting companies limit the functionality of PHP by running PHP in "Safe Mode." When PHP is running in "Safe Mode" certain PHP functions and operations are disabled (such as directory reading and query string processing). The result is that Wimpy will not work when PHP is running in safe mode. Contact your hosting provider to see if they can remove the PHP limitations for your account.

A couple other things to double check are:

- Make sure that when you uploaded wimpy.php, your FTP program uploaded the wimpy.php file as "ascii" not "binary."

- If you edited wimpy.php/asp/cfm with a text editor before you uploaded it, try downloading the Wimpy package again and unzip the file again and upload wimpy.php before you edit it -- some text editors may "mess up" the PHP/ASP/CFM code.

- If you used the Customizer Tool to configure a "myWimpy.html" file, try running the Customizer Tool again and double check the options that you selected do not interfere with one another. For example, if you chose to use an "Embedded Playlist," and checked the "Use MySQL" option, chances are that Wimpy will not function properly.

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