Wimpy MP3 Player includes the ability to link to a shopping cart system directly through the player.

In the example above, we are using the Wimpy Javascript Kit' handleLinkClick event handler and the Foxycart ecommerce engine. See example #9 in the Wimpy Javascript Kit examples for more information.

If the "ecommerce" option is set using the Customizer tool, a small shopping cart icon will appear to the right of each item in the playlist When the user clicks on the icon, they will be directed to the URL defined in the comments field.

Wimpy uses information contained in the "comments" field as a hyperlink on both the shopping cart icon and the "cover art" graphic display area.

NOTE: If the skin uses a cover art display area, the cover art display area will always be a hyperlink if there is a URL found in the comments field for the current track that is playing.

There are two ways to load a URL into the "comments" field:

1. If you are using the ID3 tag reading option, which can be defined using the Customizer tool), you can include the URL in each MP3 file's ID3 comments area.

NOTE: You should use ID3v2 tags in your MP3 files because ID3v1 tags only allow a maximum of 30 characters in the comments tag. Most shopping cart URLs are much longer than 30 characters.

NOTE: The ASP version of Wimpy only reads ID3v1 tags. So if you are using the ASP version the only way to effectively utilize the ecommerce functionality is to use the XML playlist option.

2. If you are running Wimpy off of an XML playlist, you can include a URL to the shopping cart item in the <comments> tag of the playlist.xml file.

You can edit the <comments> tag manually, or use Playlister to enter the URL into the comments field.

If you decide to edit the XML manually, be sure to URL encode the shopping cart address. XML can be a little "touchy" with special characters that are common to shopping cart URLs that commonly contain & and ? and other special characters, which may cause the XML interpreter to freak out.

URL encoding the shopping cart address is the safest way to ensure that the XML is properly loaded into the player.

You can use the following tool to properly URL encode a shopping cart address for XML and Wimpy.

Click here to access the Shopping Cart URL Encoder


Shopping Cart Systems

Click here for a list of shopping cart systems that have been tested with wimpy.

Setting up a shopping carts requires a certain level of advanced knowledge (and determination :). To install these shopping carts requires a certain
comfort level with the following technologies:
- Setting up and administrating MySQL databases
- Setting up and maintaining ecommerce accounts such as paypal.
- Editing PHP configuration variables.
- Editing audio files and exporting them as mp3 files.
- Editing ID3 information in your MP3 files

How does this work?
There are certain shopping carts that provide "hard" links to shopping cart items. In other words, each item in your shopping cart has a unique URL that identifies a specific item.

To use wimpy with these shopping carts, you will have to edit the ID3 information for each mp3 file. Using an ID3 tag editor, enter the "hard" URL to the shopping cart item in the COMMENTS field of the ID3 tag.

Wimpy uses the information in the "comments" field of the ID3 tag as a hyperlink.

If you set "$ecommerce" to "yes" then wimpy will display a shopping cart icon instead of the "download" icon. When the user clicks on the shopping cart icon, wimpy will open a new browser window and go to the URL that you entered into the "comments" field of the ID3 tag. Hence, your shopping cart will be displayed in a new browser window and that particular item will be added to the shopping cart.

By setting ecommerce to "yes" wimpy will automatically set:

getMyid3info = "yes" --- Because wimpy will read the "comments" field of the ID3 tag and use the URL that exists in the "comments" tag to link to your shopping cart.


displayDownloadButton = "yes" --- Since the shopping cart  icon must be visible!









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