wimpySkin -- Sets the proper URL to the wimpy skin




Sets the proper URL to the XML skin file when outputting HTML code using the Customizer tool.

NOTE: If Wimpy can not load the skin_name.xml file you've specified, then the player will not start, and all you will see is the Wimpy logo.

NOTE: IF the Customizer tool continues to issue a notification that it can not locate the skin_name.xml file you've specified, you can override this error by setting the "Size" option to "Set size manually."

This option is also used in conjunction with a wimpyConfigs.xml file or when loading wimpy into an existing flash project .

When this option is set in the wimpyConfigs.xml file, the wimpy script (wimpy.php/asp/cfm) will use this reference to render the player with a custom skin.


If you skin_name.xml file is located here:

Then the background image for the skin must be located in the same folder as:

This option is also set in the wimpySkin variable when using a wimpyLoader movie clip.

NOTE: it is always best to use a full URL to any files associated with Wimpy.

There are a couple of alternative ways that you can use this option to let your HTML page know where the skin is located on your server. (The following alternative methods are intended for advanced users.)

Consider the following scenario:

Let's say you would like to embed Wimpy Player on your home page, which resides here:

And your skin_name.xml file resides here:

You can use a "URL", "absolute" or "relative" path to wimpy.swf.







NOTE: If there are any graphics associated with the skin_name.xml file, the graphics must be located in the same folder as the wkin_name.xml.

HINT: Always include the word "skin" in the skin's file name to avoid having the skin file show up in the player's playlist. XML files that reside in the same folder as wimpy.php will load into the player's playlist because wimpy.php loads XML files into the player's playlist under the assumption that XML files are XML playlist files. You can avoid having skin files display in the player's playlist by using the word "skin" in the file name. For example, if you name your skin: "my_design.xml" and the "my_design.xml" file resides in the same folder as wimpy.php, then when the player loads, Wimpy will display "my design" in the playlist, since Wimpy thinks that the XML file is an XML playlist. However, if you include the word "skin" in the file name like: "my_skin_design.xml" or "my_design-skin.xml or "skin_my_design.xml" then Wimpy will not include the file in the player's playlist.

Alternatively, you can use the "hide_files" option, and include "my_design.xml" in the list of files to "hide" -- however, this option will only work when using a wimpyConfigs file.


See Also:

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