useSysCodePage -- Causes the player to display double-byte characters (e.g. Chinese character sets).




yes - enables localized doublebyte characters
- disables localized doublebyte characters

This option defaults to "no"
You can either explicitly set this option to "yes" or "no" or simply do not include this option when loading the player and Wimpy will use the "default" value.


This option should allow special glyphs, characters and symbols to display correctly within the player.

Arabic, Asian, Cyrillic and some European Languages use unique characters that are not included in the standard Western Latin (English) character set (e.g. latin-1, ISO-8859-1).

If this option is set to "yes" Wimpy interprets text data using the traditional code page of the operating system running the player.

If this option is set to "no" Wimpy interprets text data using UTF-8 character encoding.

Since this option is based on the end-users system, setting this option to "yes" could still cause certain characters to display improperly. This option should only be set when the majority of the end-users that view the player use a common character set.

Also, by default PHP interprets text data as UTF-8 encoding, ASP and ColdFusion default to ISO-8859-1, so if your web site is hosted on a server that was set up using the default UTF-8 character encoding, this option may have no affect.

If you are using an XML playlist, you may want to consider adding a character description to the beginning of the playlist.xml file to define the proper text encoding.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1251"?>
      yada yada

NOTE: Use this option with care. It is best to use UTF-8 encoding whenever possible


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      yada yada


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