tptBkgd -- Makes the player "see through" when rendered in an HTML page.


Wimpy will "show through" to the image or color in the HTML page (or table) background.

This option is useful when you need to use a precision background image -- since using a background image through Skin Machine can distort the image slightly.

This option is configurable through the default player when (wimpy.php/asp) is accessed directly and a wimpyConfigs.xml file is used. This option can be set in the wimpyConfigs.xml file as:

Or established through the Customizer tool when generating a myWimpy.html page. When this option is set through the Customizer tool, the HTML is rendered with special HTML code that permits the player to become transparent.

To utilize this feature, your skin must have the background transparency setting set to the lowest level. The default wimpy skin (i.e. when no skin is set) has a semi-transparent background.

NOTE: If you decide to use a transparent background, be aware that not every browser will be able to do this. However, for the browsers that are not capable of using transparency, they will use the background color that you specify.

See Also:

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