popUpHelp -- Enables or disables the annoying little help tabs.




yes - enables the pop up help tabs
- disables the pop up help tabs

This option defaults to "yes"
You can either explicitly set this option to "yes" or "no" or simply do not include this option when loading the player and Wimpy will use the "default" value.


By default, pop up help tabs are enabled, which causes annoying little yellow info text to appear when the mouse is rolled over controls. You can disable these annoying little yellow boxes at start up by setting this option to "no."

You can edit the information displayed in the pop up help by editing the skin for your player. Open a skin_name.xml file with Skin Machine and select an object. At the top of the "inspector" panel, there is a text field for "Help Text." Set the text to your liking, then click the "set" button next to the text field. Save the skin_name.xml file and re-upload it to your server. Be sure to empty your browser's cache after updating files on your web site so that your browser knows to retrieve the latest version of the files.

NOTE: As of Wimpy MP3 Player version 5.3.8, the help text for the items in the playlist are not editable.

HINT: You can also edit the "start up text" -- the text that is displayed in the info display area when the player opens. By default this text reads "Click on an item to start" -- you can edit this text using Skin Machine as well. To do so, open your skin_name.xml file in a text editor and then click on the "Startup Text" item from the 'save, Save As..." menu.

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