ecomWindow -- Opens hyperlinks in the designated window.




This option can be used to direct hyperlinks out of the player to a targeted window. Hyperlinks out of the player include the mini-shopping cart icon or the graphic container (when activated -- see "Using Cover Art") .

By default, Wimpy will target "_blank" -- when this option is set Wimpy directs the 'target" attribute of the <a href> hyperlink to the window name that is defined with this option.

Usually, the <a href> "target" attribute refers to an HTML frame name. However, you can use JavaScript to establish a "window name" for any HTML page. For more information on establishing a "window name" for an HTML page, Google for:


Directing to links to Javascript

If you would like to direct the link to javascript, set this option to "javascript"



You'll need to leverage the Javascript Kit to handle the incoming data. See examples 8 and 9 in the Javascript Kit Example pages.



NOTE: For some reason, Internet Explorer only recognizes lowercase characters when using "standard" window naming conventions such as _blank, _parent, _self and _top.


NOTE: If you are not using an HTML frameset, and are just popping up a new window, the page that is popped up needs to have the window name explicitly set.

In Mozilla based browsers, when a new window is opened using a javascript method that references a "window name," Mozilla-based browsers will automatically apply the "window name" to the browser window instance.

In Internet Explorer ( IE ) the window name that was defined in the javascript function to open the browser window instance is not automatically applied.

This means that you will have to some javascript in the HTML page that is popped up so that it will have the window name explicitly set.

Here is some Javascript code that you can use to explicitly set the window name. Put this code in the "head" of the page that is popped up:


<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">'purchaseWindow';

your content

Where "purchaseWindow" is the name defined for this option.



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