defaultVisualExt -- Sets the default "kind" of file Wimpy should load.





This option defaults to "jpg"
You can either explicitly set this option to "yes" or "no" or simply do not include this option when loading the player and Wimpy will use the "default" value.


Defines the type of file Wimpy should "look for" based on the extension defined by this option.

defaultVisualExt allows you to set the extension and defaultVisualBaseName allows you to set the "base name" of the file to search for.

When using the Customizer tool, you are not asked to differentiate between the "base name" and the extension -- the Customizer Tool automatically determines the difference between these options on the backend based on the "whole" file name that is entered for "Default cover art file name."

On the back-end, this option is used in conjunction with defaultVisualBaseName to determine the name and kind of image files that Wimpy should "look for" when automatically building a playlist.

NOTE: Be sure to review "Using Cover Art"

For example, if defaultVisualBaseName is set to "folderGraphic" and defaultVisualExt is set to "swf" then wimpy will look for files  that have the following name: folderGraphic.swf

If you are using swf files as your coverart, please note the following:

The Flash document for your coverart.fla should be set up to 125x125 pixels.

Wimpy assumes that the loaded coverart.swf file is 125x125. If the "graphic area" is resized using Skin Machine, the loaded coverart.swf file will be stretched or squished accordingly.

When you export the coverart.swf file, be sure to set the Flash output (as defined in the "Publish" settings) to: Flash Version 6, Actionscript version 1.0.

Animations will run at 24 frames per second, regardless of the actual frames per second you set in the coverart.fla. (All externally loaded swf movies take on the frame rate of the swf that it is loaded into... Wimpy runs at 24 frames per second)

You can download an example coverart.fla file by clicking here. This file is set up to load the output swf file properly into the graphics container.

When using the Automatic directory reading functionality, this option allows you to specify the kind of file that Wimpy automatically "looks for" when Wimpy is reading the contents of a directory.

For example, if this option is set to "swf" Wimpy will "look for" coverart.swf in each directory and sub-directory. If Wimpy finds a file named coverart.swf in a directory, Wimpy will load the file into the graphic container:

if this option is set to "jpg" Wimpy will "look for" coverart.jpg in each folder and sub folder. If Wimpy finds a file named coverart.jpg in a directory, Wimpy will load the file into the graphic container:

If this option is set to "swf" and there is an SWF file that has the same "base name" as an MP3 file, but with an SWF extension, when the MP3 file is played, Wimpy will load the SWF file into the graphic container.


The example above also holds true for XML playlist files:

When running Wimpy off of an XML playlist (see wimpyApp) Wimpy will attempt to load a cover art file that uses the same name as your XML playlist but with the "extension" that is defined by defaultVisualExt or jpg



See also

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