defaultVisualBaseName -- Sets the "base name" wimpy should search for as cover art.




Allows you to specify the file name that Wimpy automatically "looks for" when Wimpy is automatically reading the contents of a directory.

When using the Customizer tool, you are not asked to differentiate between the "base name" and the extension -- the Customizer Tool automatically determines the difference between these options on the backend based on the "whole" file name that is entered for "Default cover art file name."

On the back-end, this option is used in conjunction with defaultVisualExt to determine the name and kind of image files that Wimpy should "look for" when automatically building a playlist.

NOTE: Be sure to review "Using Cover Art"

defaultVisualBaseName allows you to set the "base name" of the file. And defaultVisualExt allows you to set the "kind" (extension) to search for.

For example, if defaultVisualBaseName is set to "folderGraphic" and defaultVisualExt is set to "swf" then wimpy will look for files  that have the following name: folderGraphic.swf

The Customizer Tool is set up to simplify the concept of differentiating defaultVisualBaseName from defaultVisualExt -- rather than splitting these two options up into two separate question, and attempting to explain each concept independently, the Customizer tool simply asks for a 'whole" file name (base name + extension).

The Customizer Tool subsequently splits the "whole" file name up into two separate parts, defaultVisualBaseName and defaultVisualExt on the back-end.

The reason that the "base name" and "extension" are split up into two separate options is because the cover art functionality is rather complex. In some cases, Wimpy will "look for" or attempt to load a cover art graphic based on the name of a file by just replacing the extension of an MP3 or XML file -- hence the reason to separate the "base name" from the extension. The functionality of the extension overlaps between the player and the back-end script. In other words, the SWF file and the PHP/ASP/CFM files use the defaultVisualExt option -- each under differing circumstances.


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