Stopping all other sounds

Wimpy includes a function that attempts to stop other Flash instances from playing audio, however, this may not work with all browsers -- as it is a function of how the Flash plugin interacts with the browser and it is also dependent on the Flash plugin version.

We've included the functions that should stop other sounds as Adobe Flash has prescribed that they work, but both the plugin and the browser(s) are subject to change their behavior over time, and we are unable to control how the developers of the browser and plugin work.

The ability to stop other SWF instance's audio on a given page was an undocumented function/feature for Flash players 5 through 8. With Flash Player 8, this functionality has been replaced by a new set of functions that are part of the ActionScript version 3 environment, however, as of this writing, the Adobe Flash 9 authoring environment has not been released, and is still in a relative state of "beta."

Once the Flash 9 authoring environment is released, we will attempt to include the new function to stop other sounds.






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