Seamless looping

You can loop, but "seamless" looping is not possible because of the way that files are loaded and controlled. In Flash, seamless looping is only available for audio tracks that are not set up as "steaming." With Wimpy, tracks are set up as "streaming." Meaning that the audio will start to play before the entire file is downloaded.

In order to have a seamless loop, files can NOT be set up as "streaming." Under this scenario, the entire MP3 file needs to be fully loaded before anything will play. Wimpy does not provide an option to determine the way that tracks are set up. Wimpy always uses the "streaming" mode to set up the tracks.

There is no way to eliminate a small gap between tracks due to the way that Wimpy is set up to operate. There are many things to consider with respect to seamless looping, such as network speed, PC speed, MP3 frame padding, and the idea that the data needs to be transferred before it can playing and so on.

The problem with looping is two-fold:

First, some MP3 files contain extra "frames" that cause a slight gap either at the end or beginning of a track -- these extra "frames" usually contain ID3 information, or some extra data such as an image embedded within the MP3 track.

Secondly, As opposed to an MP3 player that sits on your local PC, Wimpy is a "network MP3 player" which means that data must be transferred across a network before it can be used, whereas when you play tracks on your local machine, the file does not have to be transferred. Wimpy does not preload tracks, but rather, Wimpy will load tracks when they are requested to play. Once a track has been requested to play, Wimpy will attempt to start playing the track as soon as possible. There are many conditions that can cause a delay between tracks as mentioned previously.

In order to seamlessly loop tracks, the first and second track must be already loaded, and since Wimpy will only load one track at a time, seamless looping between tracks is not possible.






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