Works with Internet Explorer(IE) but not Firefox

There are a number of reason why Wimpy may work with one browser, but not another. Here are a few possible reasons:

- Be sure to use the HTML code generated by the Customizer tool. If the HTML code is edited manually, chances are extremely high that the code will work for one but not the other.

- If you are using a relative path, consider using a full URL. See "Relative and Absolute."

- If any filenames, paths or URLs associated with wimpy contain non-alpha-numeric characters, such as a space, single quote, double quote, question mark (" " ' & %$#@!), etc. try URL encoding the non-alpha-numeric characters. Use the URL Encoder tool to properly URL encode characters for Wimpy.

- & characters were replaced with & characters. When copying and pasting code between programs (e.g. from the Customizer tool or the myWimpy.html page generated by the Customizer tool) into your existing program, such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage or similar, the & characters were automatically altered by either your system or the program to replace & symbols with &. See "Wimpy doesn't display properly across different browsers / platforms."

- Your HTML page contains DHTML or CSS Style Sheet information that is interfering with how Flash is displayed in the page. See "Wimpy doesn't display properly across different browsers / platforms."






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