Changing the Default Startup Folder

As of Wimpy MP3 Player version 5.2 you can "point" Wimpy to a folder other than the default wimpy installation folder.


For the ASP version

Edit the wimpy.asp file an set the variable "startDir" to a system path that contains your mp3 files. Example:

startDir = "C:\Inetpub\hiddenMedia"


For the PHP version

Use the customizer tool to generate a "wimpyConfigs.xml" file. Add the following line to the file:


The location for the "startDir" directive should be a web-server absolute path from the root of your server. No trailing slash!!!

You can also add the "startDir" option by editing the "startDir variable, which is located in the wimpy.php file. Again, set this directive to an absolute file-path on your web server. no trailing slash.

Or you can create a "Wimpy Proxy" PHP page. To use a Wimpy Proxy, install Wimpy in a folder above your public_ html folder. Upload wimpy and your MP3 files to this folder. Then create a PHP page with the following content:


$startDir = "C:\system\path";
require ("C:\system\path\public_html\wimpy\wimpy.php");


Then use the Customizer tool and run Wimp=y off of the wimpy_proxy.php file rather than wimpy.php.

Click here for an example "Wimpy Proxy" PHP file.





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