About Registration Codes

A Registration Code "unlocks" the player for the domain (web site name) that was entered during the process of purchasing a license.

Shortly after purchasing a license, you will receive a registration code. You can use a Registration File, or include the registration code in the HTML used to render the player on your page. Otherwise, a "DEMO" box will appear within the player. After 15 days, the demo will expire and the player will no longer work.

1. Click here for information on using a Registration File (Recommended)

2. To include the registration code in the HTML code used to render the player:

The following tools were designed to create the necessary HTML code to display the player within your web page, and each includes a field for you to enter your registration code:

- Customizer (Wimpy MP3 Player and Rave)
- Wimpy Button Maker
- Wasp Publisher

For further instructions, click on the product you are using below and navigate to "Customize" section of the product documentation:

Wimpy MP3 Player
Wimpy Button

If you're a seasoned HTML author and prefer to add the Registration Code to the HTML manually, include a new option named "wimpyReg" as :


There is no need to obscure or hide the registration code because the registration code is only valid for the domain entered during during the process of purchasing a license.

If, during the process of evaluating the player, you already have the player situated on a web page, you'll need to recreate the HTML code used to display the player so that it includes the Registration Code. You will not have to re-upload your media or Wimpy files.


Updating from Rave Version 1 to Rave Version 2?
If you purchased Rave in August 2008 or earlier, you should've received an updated registration code. Use the "Retrieve Registration Information" page to verify you are using the correct code.

Not Receiving Your Registration Code Email?
Since the email containing the registration code is automatically generated, sometimes the email gets "caught" by spam-blockers. Check your junk / spam mail area for an email containing "Wimpy" in the subject line, or "Plaino" in the body.

Need your registration code re-sent to you?
If you've lost your Registration Code, it can be resent to you using the "Retrieve Registration Information" page.

Can't get rid of the "DEMO" box?
Try using a Registration File -- OR -- If you've included the registration code in the HTML code... Depending on your browser's settings, you may need to empty your browser's cache so that the new HTML code (which includes the Registration Code) is recognized by your browser. Internet explorer is fudgy with the cache and SWF files, so after clearing your cache in IE, immediately close IE, then re-launch. Click here for instruction on how to clear your browser's cache.








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