Can I use Wimpy on a CD-ROM. data DVD or local hard drive?

Yes. To do so, you will need to run Wimpy off of an XML playlist. You can use "Playlister" to create an XML playlist so that Wimpy will run from an XML file rather than PHP or ASP.

Once you've created an XML playlist, use the Customizer tool to generate a "myWimpy.html" page. When using the Customizer tool, you will have to set the size of the player manually because the "Auto detect based on skin size" feature of the Customizer tool will not have access to the skin file you've chosen. You can set the size manually by clicking "Set size manually" in the HTML Display Options section of the customizer tool.

Also note that you should use relative URLs to all files associated with wimpy. That is to say, when entering the address to wimpy.swf , playlist.xml and skin_name.xml in the Customizer tool, you should simply use the name of each file (and not a full URL). For example, for the first question "Wimpy Script" just enter the filename of the XML playlist. For Wimpy SWF, just enter the filename of the wimpy.swf file. Also, in your playlist, the reference to the mp3 files should be relative. for example: "subfolder/file1.mp3"

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